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Client: Givenchy 

Givenchy Given Beauty

Scope of Work: Facebook Content, Photo Shooting


In 1989, Givenchy took his holistic approach to style and identity further, debuting both skincare and makeup lines. The former was born from extensive scientific research and the desire to create innovative formulas that address a wide variety of skincare needs. The makeup line was launched with Le Prisme Visage, a revolutionary four-in-one face powder that gave women full sculpting freedom. Today, Givenchy beauty and fragrance remain cutting edge and couture sartorially innovative, carrying on a legacy that began over 60 years ago. And in 2021, we have developed a theme of “ Givenchy. Given Beauty” to further elaborate how Givenchy can help interpret the beauty of different women.


1.    Enhance Brand Interest  
2.    Create Cross-category content to encourage purchase

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