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Client: READY HK
Scope of Work: KV, TVC, GDN, Media Buy, Ad Management


READY, a range of not from concentrate 100% juices from Spain, targeted to launch as a new healthy option of juice to the Hong Kong market in 2020. READY aims to fit in Hong Kong peoples’ active lifestyle in a trendy and fun way with natural ingredients from the best origins of citrus fruits and quality everyone can taste. And thus we have developed a full set of creative with a theme of “I AM READY” to highlight the convenience, high quality and innovativeness of READY, to build up a Trendy Juice image.


1. Brand Launched, introduce READY to Hong Kong consumers
2. Raise exposure & awareness
3. Build up a Trendy Juice image
4. Drive product trial and sales through traditional and digital platform


Facebook: People Reach 493,000
Video View: 545,000
GDN: 48,925,651 Impression
Clicks: 24,625
YouTube: 3,892,613 Impression, 956,893 Video View
VS KPI: Impression: achieve 203%

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