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Client: Plantur 21 


Scope of Work: Online Viral Video, Media, Facebook & Instagram Content


Plantur 21 is part of the Dr. Wolff Group, a fourth-generation Germany family business specializing in research, development and marketing of highly innovative cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. The active ingredient combination of the "Nutri-Caffeine Complex" which is specific to Plantur 21 is best suited to solving these problems, especially due to the right dosage and the unique galenic formula. 

In 2021, they are planning to launch the Plantur 21 in Hong Kong, and we have created a theme of “Plantur 21 Hair Rules for Girls” to create product awareness and exposure


1.    Build up Product Awareness and Exposure
2.    Deliver brand message and create consumer needs
3.    Engage with girls who would like to have longer and stronger hair

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