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Client: 3M Hong Kong
Media: Online Video, Facebook Feed, GDN


3M Command, a popular hook brand in Hong Kong. In 2019, 3M would like to build product association to “Smart organization and decoration” at home. That means an all-round hook application for anywhere at home. From the research, before we started to brainstorm the idea, we found some bad mouth discussions on HK forums. Thus, we developed a theme “鈎Stand研究所” to highlight the Weight Capacity and the Home Spacing Solutions by 3M Command.


1. Build product association to “SMART Organization and Decoration” in home
2. Promote “Vertical Space Count” concept
3. Demonstrate hero organization tips to generation demand
4. Strengthen “Hold Strongly, Remove Cleanly - 貼得穩陣 除後無痕”
5. Sales driven from digital platform

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